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Expect Grayson Allen to have a special someone cheering him on when the Utah Jazz open their season against the Sacramento Kings next.

You have the will and the foundation for a brighter future, so show then that you can't be looked down upon and represent yourself with dignity in front of them. Make them feel ashamed. Keep on studying your major, graduate and marry their daughter. Filipinos and Vietnamese are both Asians and should be brothers. Posted 13 October - Posted 06 November - I agree with your post, but this particular section is wrong. You can't say what a country has or has not contributed to the world in one simple sentence.

What do Filipino guys think of Vietnamese girls?

Both countries can develop WWII jets, idiot. And now we are talking specifically about the Southern Vietnamese or what? Why would they want to liberate their own city now in ? And keep in mind, "they" is an almost non-existent minority of people who dream of someday overthrowing the government. You talk like Vietnam is still a French colony. Who would they be freeing their own country from? You make no sense in that you're trying to dig up dirt on Vietnamese people in this section.

I can think of a few good ones, but talking about lame senseless examples like this, doesn't count.

Your Asian Prince Charming.

Posted 10 November - Posted 11 November - Posted 24 March - Here is chart of genetic relationship of different race. Posted 25 March - The latest ethnology finding said pure-blood Han people have completely vanished into the racial mixes, People. Han Chinese characteristics couldn't even be traced in DNA tests, the news report said.

Ethnic Han ancestry traces back to the ancient Chinese living in the central plains along the Yellow River in northern China, including Henan province and some areas in southern Shanxi, western Jiangsu and northwest Anhui provinces nowadays. If Northern Chinese and Southern Chinese are genetically different then they're not belonged to same ethnic group. Majority of Chinese are from these between Yellow river to Yangtze river, which mainly known as proper Chinese people's breeding ground ever since beginning of Chinese civilization.

There is misunderstanding of Beijing Chinese being different to Gaungdong Chinese or Southern Chinese, this was due to mixture of different people. These Chinese at Northern regions are more mixed with Mongolian hence they look slightly different from their Southern Chinese. Figured that Notherners were possibly mixed with Mongolian sometime after the history of Genghis Khan's army.

5 things you must know before dating Vietnamese girls, the most beautiful women in South east Asia

I never felt there was that much in common between North and South Chinese, not just because the North mainly speaks Mandarin while more of the South speaks Cantonese especially Hong Kong but because I don't think they always look the same, apart from other certain differences in subsets of culture Chinese is just a general term for people who have a cultural or ethnic link in their family history from China.

I think people change or evolve more through where they are and how they grew up and live rather than mere genetics I never understood why there are so many dialects, not just in China, but other ethnicities as well. It just makes things more complex. Language should be more universal and I actually think it would bring people together at least a little more definitely makes communication easier. That's why English is an international language I am not saying this makes us all "better" than North Chinese Even if I wasn't Chinese I would still take an interest in learning more about China and especially since China is advancing over time.

Posted 16 May - Posted 11 January - Well, sad to hear and I definately can feel you Filipinos. I am Viet myself as well and I hate to say this about my own race, but Vietnamese parents, at least the ones I know, mostly base their views on people through stereotypes that is in my opinion a very bad thing.

Do Filipina females Date Filipino Males? - soompi hangout - Soompi Forums

I remember when my older brother dated a Filipina. Gosh, my parents went crazy at home; my father did not speak to my brother for months just because he dated a Filipina. She was beautiful anyway. You know, Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans and Japanase look down on darkskinned people what I never understood.

Being darkskinned does not change your character and does not make your character bad in any way. But this thought is unfortunately part of the culture for millions of years. The same with black people. I know Viet parents that permit their children to make friends with any black poeple as they are stereotyped more or less the same with Filipinos. If you really like your Viet girl, I suggest you to strive for the highest education you can and show them that you Filipinos can get a high education as well and if you visit her parents, be well-mannered and civilised when you eat, speak to them, come into their house, Viet parents usually like it.

Viet parents are very strict, but I think not as strict as Chinese. I hope that I could help you more or less. Wish you good luck in your future! Posted 14 January - Posted 05 February - Well I think that maybe Vietnamese people might not like people who are dark skinned or more tanned colour skin. Some Filipino's are fairly dark and although in the west its not an issue, in Vietnam and many asian countries it is Posted 12 March - LOL well that depends on the situation I seen some dark viets before..

Posted 14 March - What could that mean? Because I find that view narrow.

Filipino & Vietnamese Relations (& Relationships)

Here's what I consider. That notion has irony in it. I'm not Vietnamese but I am one of the other ethnicity you mentioned, Cambodian. So some Filipinos view and see them as blacks and hispanics, and view them as the ghetto asians. Well, we some of us can see Filipinos themselves as being blacks and hispanics, and ghetto too. You're a Viet and you say your own ethnicity is cocky? Funny, because what you said about Vietnameses is what I see about many Filipinos I have encountered.

There are some Filipinos that give me the impression that they aren't humble.

Subsequent Dates And Relationship

I'm not saying Filipinos are all like that. The ones I work with or have encountered are the ones I speak on. Other ethnicity are welcomed to speak up on this and I did say I was one of the other ethnicities. I don't know if I can do this without fueling any fire. But I will try to give my thoughts on why Filipinos get the receiption they may be getting from a non Filipino who is one of the other asians. I won't do this at the moment.

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This is enough for now. I'll think of what to say for a bit and then come back. I'm Vietnamese and, quite frankly, most of the Vietnamese people I know don't look down on Filipinos. If anything Vietnamese and Filipinos get along better with each other than with most other Asians ethnicity, well at least from where I live. I myself have many Filipino friends, some of whom I've known since childhood. I don't know where the idea that Vietnamese looking down on Filipinos because they are dark came from, because the idea never cross my mind and I've never heard a Viet say negative things about Filipinos because of their complexion.

Yes, there are Filipinos who are darker than their counterpart, but there are also Viet who are dark as charcoal while the others look like albinos. Sometime we both Viets and Filipinos may joke with each other about our complexion, but not to the extend of putting each other down or to insinuate superiority over others.

Of course there will be occasional clashes between Viets and Filipinos, but that comes down to conflicts between individuals only and not as a racial prejudice so don't let a few ignorant fools ruin the friendships we have for each other for many years. I don't get the idea where people think all filipinos are supposed to be dark Im light skinned myself Community Forum Software by IP. AF needs funding again. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next.

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This means that you cannot reply to this topic. Edited by Patoon, 03 August - Just ask your gf to tell you more about Vietnamese culture and holidays etc. But the truth is, after a while I'm vietnamese myself therefore i should have some input. But it's dude Back then, if a girl loses her virginity and doesn't marry the guy, she would commit suicide. Do you see how the world is changing??? Advice to the author, it's all depends on you. If you keep making good impressions even though they don't seem to care, but it will be something to remind them.

Just keep good relationship with them and you'll be fine. Vietnamese marry Chinese first then Vietnamese? I feel offended by that statement as a Vietnamese. I would only marry Vietnamese. Even though the Chinese think same as us i hate if I can't talk Vietnamese to my wife. Vietnamese woman from rural areas shouldn't marry korean men. Edited by leandroo, 03 August - How can you say filipinos have contributed nothing to this world when: You hate that dark face?

How about you stay in the sun for 5 hours. I dont know many people with fat lips. You are not generalizing filipinos. You are Generalizing the entire south east asia malaysia, indonesia, thailand etc etc.. Asian but still consider themselves greater. It's as if once they realize I dont understand the language and I state I am Filipino.

You try explain that to me Keiryu But their darkness is still light in comparison to other sea ppl. Sorry patoon, but the majority of the Vietnamese is still considered as yellow and light.

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I do thank the supporters and I will do my best to get on good terms with my girlfriend's family. Hopefully getting my Masters Degree in Chemistry will prove to them I am not some Filipino punk without a purpose, but with drive and ambition, and resources to support their daughter.