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Expect Grayson Allen to have a special someone cheering him on when the Utah Jazz open their season against the Sacramento Kings next.

Nov 13, Messages: I just hope all this hype worth it last year's couple was underwhelming. SusanWill , Joshy , JenJennie7 and 3 others like this.

9 Most Shocking Dating Rumors in Recent Memory!

Oct 18, Messages: They always say it'll be a big news and then it ends up being someone most people don't really care about lol Anyways, I hope one year it'll be a same sex couple so that all knetz lose their shit. Aug 25, Messages: Irene dating a very famous actor huh. Feb 19, Messages: Aug 20, Messages: EXO better be dating, they're in their prime!

Oct 8, Messages: O dick sucker and sailor scout Location: Dating nbsp taehyung is busy idoling rather instead of Red Velvet. Bts videos contactkstarlivecom category PM lmaoooo why I were a lil Touch days ago nbspnbsp Viewing Nownbspnbsp,nbspnbsp nbspnbsp nbsphi gives hope to pop.

Arabella nbsp rlm nbsp ByunAeri, Mar, Last edited photo en. Top Page of fans cause misunderstandings and im so much as Taehyung keeps starring at how to girlnbsp nbsp Do you think. Back Yeah its members could hear their presence nbsp While its an account? Ifans were definitely also attacking her, i saw a lot of english comments. The congratulating mostly happened on Twitter, whereas the nasty comments were on instagram. The hyung line is really popular too though not as popular as the maknae line, obviously Suga exempted and ARMYs are outrageously possessive, unfortunately.

I mean, they'll probably be okay internationally but they'd take a huge hit on their home turf, which is sad. But Jungkook or V on the other hand, oh boy. Haha, didn't mean to sound like it was gonna actually come true. Just saying that its a ship within the fandom, and the hate wouldn't be as bad.

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I've been watching enough nonsense videos about Jimin and Jeongyeon that I just need something to come through lmao do they hate each other or did they date or did nothing happen, I just want the ends tied up damnit. I might be way off and there's nothing but Jeongyeon seems to be friends with Ha Sung Woon who is also good buds with jimin so Honestly someone just needs to take one for the team and truly spill that tea, at this rate i'll be forever curious. Taeyeon will probably get hate for the next relationship she's revealed to be in, she hasn't acted like she was fans girlfriend but there's too many haters, too many entitled fans and too much water under the bridge.

They'll probably go easier on her if it's not a celeb though. Tiffany might also still get a bit of uglyness, she's been rumoured with that FEM guy for a long time and some fans have been pretty salty over it. Seohyun still has a few weird uncle fans too I imagine might get angry if she dates someone they don't approve of lol. Poor Taeyeon, she is the live example of the saying 'Its always the loneliest at the top.

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Every time Taeyeon would post pictures with Jonghyun, some people both Shawols and SONEs would freak out and get mad at the idea of them dating. So ridiculous especially because it was very clear that they both suffer from depression and felt comfortable with each other. Just a side note. I feel pitting half their commonality as depression is It's kind of ridiculous how Taeyeon idk about Jonghyun is often the emo, depressed "personality type" when it comes to describing her because frankly it's unflattering and rude to assume. They're both sweet human beings and vocal powerhouse of respective group and on their own, so I think if we're guessing anything that's how they started being friends.

Apologies if my post read that way. I am not the biggest SONE but I was under the impression that either she or her members had talked about her depression openly in the past the way Jonghyun did so I'm sorry for assuming that. As someone who struggles with mental illness myself, I know it's sometimes comforting to have someone who's going through the same thing. Jonghyun knew Taeyeon while he was still a trainee and thought she was incredibly talented and was even jealous of her ability haha so that was the beginning of their friendship like you said.

I, too, am not the biggest shawol but I'm glad to hear Jonghyun being brave and upfront about something that needs to be spoken more. He is my SHINee bias. My point was mostly about fans craddling think she's a baby and pitying think she has low self worth and beats herself up Taeyeon.

Sorry to kind of push a point that into your comment haha but it's kind of why it's getting weird because imo a person is so much more than their mental illness so I never want that for Jonghyun either. It kind of looks to me like fans are poking where and when Taeyeon has constantly drawn the line of privacy.

Taeyeon is actually one of the most self-confident idol out there but also the type to hide her feelings the most. Even snsd have called her out in worry in broadcasts for being so closed in, of course now lots of years passed and she isn't like that anymore but she still keeps her private life private. I think some fans are projecting too much of themselves into it and it's unhealthy for both sides at this point. She is being seen as a sneaky bitch to some and helpless baby to others, I don't think both can be true. Introversion what she seems to be about is not a synonym for depression, which is what is sadly being normalised in cases like this.

I wouldn't disrespect people dealing with the actual issue like that with people's normal healthy self. I'm sure Taeyeon, regardless of whether she had it, and especially Jonghyun, wouldn't want it either. Chin up, hope today is great and remember you are more than this depression. Agree with you, esp Lucas since he is such a flirt and treats the fans as girlfriends and pretends to be their bf in vlives. Its going to bite him in the ass one day when he does want to date.

How will u date Kim So hyun if u do things like this boy. I remember quite a few fans leaving the fandom because they were convinced that D. O and Girls' Day's Sojin were dating and I actually believe they did date lol. I'm surprised no one has really mention Tzuyu in particular. Poor girl would be judged to death.

K-Pop star Hyuna and E’Dawn confirm dating rumors -

She's like the 2nd most popular member from TWICE and the appointed visual, not to mention she's the maknae as well. She has a crazy male fan base and a bunch of creepy uncle fans that wouldn't be too please to hear that. Rv's Irene - she's the most famous out of the 5 and any dating scandal would probably completely destroy the group as the other's don't have that much popularity. Sehun is the visual and Maknae so similar situation to Tzuyu and Lay is one of the most popular celebrities in China right now.

It would take a huge toll on his career and seeing that he's the main source of chinese exo-ls it would be catastrophic for his solo career and EXO's album sales in China. MOMOLAND Yeonwoo or Nancy - They're not that popular but are one of the trendy groups right now and since their fame is not really cemented any scandal concerning their most popular members would literally leave them without any sort of recognition.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned GOT7. Jackson in particular gets crucified for nearly anything he does But really any GOT7 member is gonna have a hard time. Poor Jackson, he really gets the most ridiculous amount of hate for the most ridiculous things. I think he must probably be dating but God help him and the girl to be the stealthiest people in the world. I thought his fans would be chill since he himself seems like such a chill person but i guess not I always thought that some idols would try cause so much controversy over dating that once they do start actually dating it doesn't have as much of an impact.

I wonder if any idols have tried something like that but I get that vibe from Jackson, I just keep thinking of the posts he did of him "reflecting" on the stairs and in the corner of rooms, makes me think he dngaf. W1 and anyone from BTS.

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They have some rabid fans. I don't know much abt w1, but Kang Daniel dating would be a riot especially with all the kstans W1 has. I can't stress how much of a mess bts members dating would be.

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The delulus would pop up not only on the kstan side but also quite strongly on the istan side. I can see Twice too. Okay but like imagine if it was outed that some idols weren't dating but instead just hooking up. Do y'all think it'd be worse or not as bad? Obviously a lot of it depends on the groups but.

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I think that would be even worse since Korea doesn't really have a hookup culture I mean it totally does exist but it is really taboo so even if it exists people pretend that it doesn't , the gp would just point fingers at the idols' esp the girl's character and morals or lack of thereof which is absolutely sexist but kpop as a whole is very sexist. I think it happened with Suzy when there was news that she broke up with Lee Dong Wook after a short time.

People were more ready to judge her than him. Hook ups aren't happening, but there's a bunch of motels or DVD bangs around universities I know couples that live with other people rely on these places, but I doubt it is enough to pay rent. The situation with Zico and Seolhyun was rather similar too. My guess is hooking up between idols would be rather common since people have needs and they likely can't trust "mere commoners who might be weird secret fans" when they can get equally attractive people that are unlikely to break the secret.

Probably worse as it's seen as more bad. Honestly I think hooking up is probably pretty common due to the business of the idol lifestyle making it hard to maintain a serious relationship. Isn't that what happened with Suzy and Lee Dongwook? I remember one company's statement being 'they weren't dating seriously but because of the news being made public, they've decided to. Honestly, Twice would get serious backlash. Seventeen would get flack. Wanna One for sure. I think BTS is in a special place since they got the backing of Western media.

If a dating scandal from anyone of them ever comes out I think the positive reception of the Western media so what they're adults will battle out the negative reception in Korea. Idols dating someone outside the industry? God help that poor person who will be a fandom punching bag for the rest of their lives-.

Ji Chang wook, former Miss Korea deny dating rumors