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Expect Grayson Allen to have a special someone cheering him on when the Utah Jazz open their season against the Sacramento Kings next.

What more could I want? Such was the case for Andrea, who met year-old Jason during her second year of law school while hanging out at a watering hole on Long Island. She was still reeling from her previous relationship with a guy who ticked off all the right boxes. Despite not always fitting in with the cocktail crowd, women in these partnerships say there are advantages that come from marrying someone without a university education.

The two met when Karabatos was working as a hairdresser, and McGuiness ended up in his chair.

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I like being in control, calling the shots and deciding what color the dining room should be painted. Would I have that control if I were married to a corporate attorney? Valanzano feels like sticking to these standards — even if it means remaining single indefinitely — will only lay the groundwork for a rock-solid relationship in the future.

I think most men want to feel like they are a breadwinner. Is it being self-made, motivated, and passionate? I earn well more than living in poverty and if he is working and being respectful than I am OK with it. Fair enough, that's valid! I do well for myself as well, that's why I wanted your opinion.

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Thanks for you input. I love a woman that will stick by or embrace a man no matter what position he is in! You're exactly right, it's just a job, and thus doesn't define a person.

I would personally rather date a blue collar guy. You do not that I was ready to offer you the world, but you just tore me to shreds! Thanks for your answer! When I think of "Blue Collar" workers I wish I could get a job like that Marrying a rich guy who loves me unconditionally would obviously be the ideal situation for anyone because a lack of money is a major stresser in any relationship.

That being said I made more money than my last boyfriend and I still loved him. It doesn't really matter to me as long as he's goal oriented and driven. Im dating a "blue collar worker" now and I'm perfectly happy. Id prefer it this way actually because I'm not a white collar worker myself.

I'm not a lawyer making a bunch of money so I don't need to date one. Id rather have a partnership where we can look after each other. Id probably feel like a bum with someone who was well off, he'd have so much more power than me and probably feel like he has to take care of me or like he's my sugar daddy. I've noticed girls dating guys with so much more money than them tend to put up with more crap because they need him to maintain their lifestyle.

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Or you feel like their arm candy because he can buy you all these things and you can't but you have your good looks. I never want to be with someone who can give me so much more than I can give back to them or to myself, id rather date someone more my equal.

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I prefer blue collar, I grew up in family led by white collar men and they were always at the office or away on business. I am guessing that's why I have always been attracted to blue collar guys. A blue collar or a white collar guy, girls which one would you prefer to date? Please spare me the "it doesn't matter what a guy does for living as long as he love me" speech.

I don't see most guys that work in fast food restaurants being popular or wanted by the ladies. The perception has always been white collar is better than blue collar.

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On the other hand, blue collar workers are perceived to be laborious, dirty, and have limited earning potential. It's not always the case, but those are the stereotypes out there, which in some cases couldn't be the furthest from the truth. Some blue collar jobs require extensive knowledge and training and pays accordingly, e.