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5 Reasons Why Shikamaru and Temari Fell in Love

Meanwhile, Masashi Kishimoto has probably hinted that fans should brace for possible deaths of original "Naruto" characters in the new anime sequel series. The most successful anime though will continue its legacy through its spinoff series "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" which will start airing episodes on April 5. Naruto Shippuden episode is just three days away.

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  • Ten Reasons: Why Does Shikamaru Loves Temari?.

With that, here are some of the most important details that have been known so far, including a recap of Episode Hinata finally appears only to find out that the village is fighting over her wedding. Tsunade returns to help Kakashi make up his mind. However, a new spin-off is already on the works. The finale might feature Naruto and Hinata's life after the wedding. Oh yeah, he thought, he looked so cool. Now all that was left was to wait for Temari to finish her meeting, and then the walls of her heart would fall to his tobacco-scented charm.

As he ran through his head the best intonations of 'Hey baby', the object of his affections stepped onto the street. Startled from his thoughts, Shikamaru choked on the smoke he'd just inhaled, blowing it out right in the Sand-ninja's face. Her top lip curled in a look of pure disdain and she strode away from him without a second glance.

Once the initial shock that his infallible plan had fallen through wore off, Shikamaru headed straight for the pharmacy and bought himself some Nicorette. Why had he not thought of it before? It had to be the basis of pretty much all the girly novels that Ino felt obliged to tell him about. It was a simple matter of saving her life during a perilous situation. Pure genius , he congratulated himself. Shikamaru's third Great Plan may have worked, if not for the fact that it completely overlooked precedent.

During the next mission in which his team worked with Sand, his efforts to be heroic in front of Temari resulted in him being cornered without any remaining chakra by two enemy ninja. Gliding in on her fan, Temari carried him off to safety while Ino and Chouji dealt with the remaining enemies.

Later, while listening to Ino brag about how she took out an S-rank criminal single-handedly, the humiliated Shikamaru knew he was sunk. Chouji was congratulating her while Ino was impatient to retell the entire story, with embellishments of course, to Sakura, but Shikamaru drowned out their words morosely. He would just have to give up; Temari would never notice him. He dared a glance over in her direction, where she was half-listening to Ino's gigantic ego.

He would never convince her into so much as even going out on a date, he thought dejectedly.

Shikamaru and Temari fell in love.

For the first time, it occurred to Shikamaru that you couldn't make any A leads to B plans when dealing with people, no matter how much of a genius you were. You could do it in chess, where there were rules, but not so in real life. You couldn't examine a person as a problem to be solved.

Privately, he resolved to toss any psychology books he came across directly into the garbage. If Temari wasn't interested on her own, he couldn't convince her otherwise, even if he had fifty of the most cunning plans imaginable. He sighed, frustrated, and didn't bother to turn to look at Ino and Chouji as he spoke.

Shikamaru and Temari’s Date! Food Pills – Naruto Shippuden | Daily Anime Art

There was an odd silence, and Shikamaru turned, puzzled, to glance beside him. Ino and Chouji had mysteriously disappeared without his knowing, and only one person remained. In a daze, Shikamaru absentmindedly led the Sand ninja in the direction of Ichiraku as she made sure to inform him that he'd better not try to pay for her meal. She could take care of herself perfectly fine, she told him haughtily, but not without a well-concealed budding interest in the ninja beside her. By the time they reached the ramen shop, Shikamaru concluded that his father had been right: Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

At the tender age of twelve, Shikamaru was led out to the big oak tree in the backyard by his father who declared that it was time for them to have a chat about some of the facts of life. What was his old man on about? He didn't even like baseball. As Shikamaru continued stumbling through his youth, he concluded that maybe he had been a little too hasty in ending that conversation with his father.

Although he would never admit to ignorance, he did have some significant gaps in his knowledge of the opposite sex. His logical, mastermind brain told him that the first step would be to select a suitable girl. Some time later, Shikamaru's perfect woman appeared out of nowhere during a mission and swept him off his feet, both in the figurative and literal sense.

Unfortunately, reality happened slightly differently than he expected. It was through one of Ino's horrible romantic-comedies that Shikamaru came up with his next ingenious plan. While listening to his teammate warble about the main character Mr. Dreamy-Eyes-So-And-So in a new film and how cool he looked with his leather jacket, he glanced up at the billboard advertising the movie.

As he studied the undeniably cool man who leaned against his motorcycle and gazed out of the image through a thin puff of smoke, Shikamaru focused in on the object in the man's mouth. As Ino continued to blab, Shikamaru realized a key fact that he could not believe he'd overlooked before: No wonder Asuma had bagged such a hottie! In the end, the mission went slightly different than he'd been expecting. He was kept busy for the next few weeks, alternating between consoling Kurenai and assuming the position of leader of his team.

When his exquisite gem of Sand perfection was reported to be back in town, however, he did at least have his cigarettes.

Daily Anime Art

His next plan was surprisingly inspired by Sakura. Apparently she'd been off on a mission when all of a sudden things had gone awry. Naruto had shown up by surprise and swept her off to safety in his not-quite-yet-manly arms. Now she wouldn't shut up about how Naruto was just misunderstood and he was definitely going to be Hokage and blah blah blah.