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You must trigger all of Dolce's sub-events before you can successfully propose. First make sure that no other sub-events are running you can verify this by checking your diary; if any are ongoing, there will be a "Town Event" menu selection.

how to date dolce in rune factory 4? | Yahoo Answers

If none are active, and there will be nothing happening in the next two days no dates or birthdays for the involved characters and no festivals, as the lead-up day also prevent a new event from triggering. Then put Dolce in your party, save, and go to sleep. If she leaves your party the next day, follow her and witness the event. If nothing happens, reset and try again. You have to have her in your party save and make sure there are no other events going on and sleep day after day if she has to leave it means the event was triggered.

How to date dolce in rune factory 4?

First, you have to get dolce to 7 LP, and tell her you love her. If she says she'll give you her answer the next day, wait until then for yes or no. On the other hand, she might think its a joke, and you'll have to get her LP even higher.

Rune Factory 4-Confession to Dolce

Once you're dating, you have to go on at least three dates, have a double bed and an engagement ring, and have her around 10 hearts. Her proposal event is called "the language of the flower".

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Her favorite food that I know of is apple pie. OK I reviewed all of your other questions so I'm assuming you know most of this so I'll tell you the part no one else has: It's weird that you can't even see the "BTW" option. Maybe you have to further the story before you can have her in your party?

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